Artisan Chocolate Bars We Love

Artisan Chocolate Bars We Love

 Artisan Chocolate Bars We Love

Ticket Chocolate’s Beloved Bars

Our Beloved Bars are tributes, in chocolate, to meaningful foods and desserts we have adored throughout our lives. Each label includes the story of why that gourmet chocolate bar was created–why it’s beloved to us! Many of these artisan chocolate bars pay homage to desserts Tyler Geertsen, Ticket Chocolate’s owner, grew up with. You will be able to get a taste of what it means to be a part of the Geertsen family. 

Being a part of the Geertsen family while growing up means spending Thanksgiving with Grandma and her tasty pies. It also includes celebrating birthdays with family and friends while eating the best chocolate cake ever made, which Mom happily baked for you with love. It means as a kid, being with siblings and parents around the kitchen table on Sunday mornings wolfing down waffles drenched in maple syrup. The family memories behind these meaningful meals and desserts are treasured and always remembered. So much so, that some of these desserts have been passed down a generation or two in the Geertsen family!

The legacy of the Geertsen family’s special treats lives on through some of our gourmet chocolate and confections. Travel with us back in time to experience those magical moments by indulging in our artisan chocolate bars. These artisan chocolate bar flavors include: 

  • Date Delight Chocolate Bar
  • Strawberry Chiffon Chocolate Bar
  • Waffle Pecan Chocolate Bar
  • Mom’s Apple Pie Chocolate Bar
  • Grasshopper Pie Chocolate Bar


Shop Date Delight Beloved Chocolate Bar Here.

Artisan Chocolate Bars - Beloved Bars - Date Delight - Ticket Chocolate


Shop Strawberry Chiffon Beloved Chocolate Bar Here.

Artisan Chocolate Bars - Beloved Bars - Strawberry Chiffon - Ticket Chocolate


Shop Waffle Pecan Beloved Chocolate Bar Here.

Artisan Chocolate Bars - Beloved Bars - Waffle Pecan - Ticket CHocolate


Shop Mom’s Apple Pie Beloved Chocolate Bar Here.

Artisan Chocolate Bars - Beloved Bars - Mom's Apple Pie - Ticket Chocolate


Shop Grasshopper Pie Beloved Chocolate Bar Here.

Artisan Chocolate Bars - Beloved Bars- Grasshopper Pie - Ticket Chocolate


Each of our artisan chocolate bars is handcrafted by our skilled and experienced chocolatiers using only the finest gourmet chocolate and fresh ingredients. The process in making our gourmet chocolate bars, as well as our other chocolate products and confections, is very calculated. We aim to deliver excellence, thoughtfulness, and extraordinary experiences with our Beloved Bars and other products. 

Once you get a taste of one of these chocolate bars, you won’t be able to resist indulging in the entire bar. We want you to know the reasoning for our products, especially the Beloved Bars because the stories behind them mean so much to the Geertsen family! Stay tuned to hear the detailed stories behind the significant desserts and meaningful foods that inspired these irresistible artisan chocolate bars!

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