Classic Truffles

Beautiful on the outside, decadent on the inside

Ticket Chocolate welcomes to the family the truffle traditions of Le Grand Confectionary. In 2014, Ticket Chocolate owner, Tyler Geertsen, began working with Jack Shaw, creator of the renowned Le Grand classic truffle. A few years later, Jack decided it was time to retire and ride off into the sunset. He and his wife, Mary, asked Tyler to keep his classic, dome-shaped truffles alive, which he was honored to do. We welcome all of Le Grand’s faithful customers to the Ticket Chocolate family. We have been producing the classic truffles with the same molds, same ingredients, same machinery, and even the same people! Our commitment to these significant details transforms the ordinary act of savoring a truffle into an extraordinary experience. Join us as we continue to turn every chocolate indulgence into a moment worth savoring.


Leonardo Di Vinci hired a young widow to pose as the Madonna for his church fresco in Saronno, Italy. As a gift for the honor, the widow created a special drink by steeping the skins of locally grown almonds in brandy. Centuries later, the combination now called Amaretto continues to captivate. We’ve blended our dark chocolate ganache with the subtle notes of brandy and almonds and wrapped it with dark chocolate.  Our tribute to the widow of Saronno.

Black & White

When love calls, your heart skips a beat. Ours missed a few when we married a dark shell with a buttery, smooth, white chocolate and vanilla-infused filling. The combination of dark and light was love at first taste. A hand-piped chocolate heart sits proudly atop this little morsel of love.


The traditional Bavarian cake doesn’t hold a candle to this robust dark truffle. The semi-sweet ganache filling has a sensual but spirited cherry flavor and the dark chocolate shell is complex and rich. This truffle will linger on the palate; a beloved favorite of those Europeans longing for home. Only available in petite truffle size.


The true coffee lover will be tempted to give up their habit when they taste the full-bodied flavor of this milk chocolate, coffee and cream truffle. Dotted with white chocolate and a sprinkling of decoratifs’, it looks like a foamy cup “to go”.

Champagne (Discontinued)

Every afternoon Cosette sits at the corner café and orders her favorite treat; a bite of chocolate and a splash of champagne. Understanding the pleasure of this combination, we created a luxurious silky smooth Champagne truffle filled with milk chocolate ganache and sprinkled with champagne’s pink effervescent bubbles. It’s like tasting love. Qui Qui!

Cherries Jubilee

Sitting in the back of the convertible, we sailed down the cherry lined roads on a warm summer day. Each tree, laden with fruit, looked like a million shiny red jewels. Cherries were our summer time favorite. Our maraschino cherries joyfully swim in a cherry-infused ganache, finished in a dark exquisite chocolate; a jewel just waiting to be discovered. Only available in grand truffle size.

Cherry Cheesecake

Remember as a kid playing Cherry-Cherry Cheesecake when jumping rope? Even then, we knew that mom’s Cherry Cheesecake was one of those really special treats. We’ve squeezed mom’s recipe into a truffle by blending white chocolate ganache with just a whisper of cherry and a covering of milk chocolate. It’s enough to make you feel like jumping rope again.

Chocolate Caramel

The children always quarreled when it came time to choose. Will it be caramel or will it be chocolate? Nobody could decide. Nothing is better when these two pair up for a memorable meeting, so why not spin both into a truffle that would make everybody happy? We did and the children are as quiet as mice.

Chocolate Decadence

DANGER. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We took chocolate-on-chocolate just a little bit further and created a truffle that stands as King. The King of truffles is dark chocolate inside and out and dusted in cocoa powder to give it that innocent unsuspecting finish. Its earthy appearance doesn’t scream “look at me”. It’s the sleeper at the back of the box.

Chocolate on Chocolate

When the going gets tough, only chocolate-on-chocolate will do. Our chocoholics claim that this all time classic does the trick. Take a small nibble and savor our full-bodied truffle for a passionate chocolate experience. There is nothing quite like chocolate-on-chocolate. It satisfies every time. Always.

Crème Brûlée

What is the origin of Crème Brûlée? England, Spain and France all claim ownership. But does it really matter? This classic dessert at its best is a symphony of sweet, creamy perfection. Our truffle pairs the flavors of custard and caramelized sugar in white chocolate inside and out. Whatever its place of birth, this delicate flavor combination is one to be remembered.


Memories of Paris come to mind when you taste the full dark flavor of this espresso layered chocolate truffle. With semi-sweet chocolate inside and out, this truffle is dreamy. Little French cafes… smoky rich espresso served in white demitasse cups….this robust truffle is sure to bring back memories.

French Vanilla

An Aztec conquest released the secrets of vanilla into the world–and the world embraced the distinctive attributes of this new wonder. We took our queue from the European chocolate invasion and created a French Vanilla truffle known for its rich, fragrant flavor. White chocolate ganache, sweet and creamy undertones of vanilla tucked into a milk chocolate shell. Which vanilla do we use? Vanilla from Madagascar, Indonesia, Mexico, or Tahiti? Our vanilla is a unique blend that marries floral, fruit and woody accents to compliment our chocolates. Very seductive!

Grand Marnier

Men in smoking jackets. Dinner at 9. Grand Marnier being sipped in the great room while smoking after-dinner cigars. Images of days gone by, but the memories never fade. Our Grand Marnier truffle is velvety smooth dark chocolate, faultlessly combined with the tart freshness of citrus. It’s enough to make the past come alive.


You call it a filbert, I call it a hazelnut. Either way, this toasty concoction will remind you of quiet fall nights and crisp autumn winds. Smooth milk chocolate ganache with delicate notes of hazelnut flavors is encased in a pure dark chocolate shell. It’s enough to make you wish time could stand still.

Irish Cream

According to legend, kissing the Blarney stone endows the kisser with great eloquence or skill at flattery. Some believe sipping Irish Cream liquor can do the same. Just one sumptuous bite of our milk chocolate Irish Cream truffle will have you pontificating with persuasion. And who knows, it may bring you but a wee bit of luck!

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate ganache, milk chocolate covering – what could be better? It’s a timeless standard. The reliable one. Everybody loves the rich smoothness of this milk chocolate truffle. At the movies, at home, or shhh, in secret. This one is the standard.


On summer evenings in the South, Mint Juleps quench the thirst of porch guests as they try to stay cool in the summer heat. What could be better than serving a rich mint truffle alongside a frosty cold Julep? Creamy white chocolate ganache, the refreshing taste of mint and a blanket of dark chocolate. Frankly my dear, this is simply the best.

Peanut Butter

Childhood memories will come spinning back as you taste this creamy peanut butter, blended with the silkiest milk chocolate. Riding your bike, swimming all day, playing olly-olly-oxen-free and hiding behind the biggest oak tree you could find. Peanut butter and chocolate. Relive your childhood in just one bite.


Raspberries are nature’s jewels of summer. Their sweet flavor is captured in dark chocolate ganache and folded into a dark rich container of sweetness. Maria Von Trapp sang, “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music”. Taste this one and you just might burst into song!

Sea Salt Caramel

The combination of sweet and salty has long captivated chefs, but now you can savor this elite culinary obsession. This bewitching truffle combines rich caramel milk chocolate ganache wrapped in rich semi-sweet chocolate. Crunchy bits of Australian pink sea salt garnish the top and bottom of this enchanted delight. Completely hypnotizing!


Summer fields of strawberries warmed by the sun. Nothing is better than fresh fruit picked off the vine. We’ve taken our favorite flavor, blended it with white chocolate ganache and wrapped it in a dazzling dark shell. Temptation is great and there is not a soul that can resist the abundance of a summer harvest. This combination of freshness and silkiness is a morsel of sunshine.


Nonni thought her tiramisu was the best. That was until she tried one of these. Inspired by the Italian dessert that brings everyone back to Italy, we’ve blended a white chocolate ganache and layered it with complex flavors that will lure you to reach for another…and then another.

Toffee Almond

Who could resist a truffle with such royal attributes? Milk chocolate enrobes a silky chocolate center that is crowned with a sprinkle of almonds and toffee crunch. This noble indulgence is fit for both kings and their queens.

White Chocolate

A truffle as rich as this takes time to appreciate. With sweet milky flavors, a buttery mouth-feel, the inviting aroma of chocolate and of course the subtle suggestion of vanilla, this truffle continues to surprise. Take your time and savor the bouquet. Simply divine.

White Decadence

Dark and Light…The balance of both continues to be one of life’s engaging mysteries. How could a little bit of both be so good? Our intense dark chocolate ganache, is accentuated by a mellow satin white shell. A study in contrast. A faultless match. We may have discovered the secret to a life in perfect balance, light and dark.