At Ticket Chocolate, we believe that life’s best moments are often the simplest, which is the approach we take with our chocolate. We use only the finest couverture chocolate and other ingredients, carefully handcrafting every one of our chocolates in our Northern California kitchens to create chocolate that’s worth lingering over. It’s the perfect treat for late-night visits with old friends, overdue romantic moments, and quiet mornings all to yourself. From our hot chocolate sticks to our creamy marshmallows, our products remind busy people to take time for the pleasure of small things.


Our founders, AmberLee & Andrea, are sisters-in-law who grew up in very different parts of the world—AmberLee in a ridiculously picturesque part of the Maracaibo region of Venezuela, and Andrea in the amazing culinary hub that is the California Bay Area—but together they shared a life-long love of all things chocolate. After Amberlee married Andrea’s brother and relocated to Northern California, the dream and vision of Ticket Chocolate began to percolate.


Our owner, Tyler, became good friends with AmberLee and her husband during their college years, when he was known as the guy who cooked up actual real meals and sat down to them for dinner. Tyler went on to receive his MBA at Babson College in Wellesley, MA before joining Team Ticket, taking ownership in early 2013. Tyler has a penchant for traveling, gardening, coaching his children’s sports teams, and he probably (if this is possible) loves chocolate even more than the rest of us! Tyler makes his home in the foothills of Northern California with his wife, daughter, and twin toddlers.


Our name. Like a great trip, we want our chocolate to be a part of moments to remember. We want to create chocolate and sweets that send you…


Ticket Chocolate is the result of years of dreaming and many late night conversations (while lingering over steaming mugs of delicious hot chocolate, of course!) …why not come along for the ride?

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