Strawberry Chiffon Ruby Chocolate Bar

Strawberry Chiffon Ruby Chocolate Bar

A Beloved Story Behind the Bar: Strawberry Chiffon Ruby Chocolate Bar

Our Beloved Bars are artisan chocolate bars that represent an important dessert or food in the owner of Ticket Chocolate, Tyler Geertsen’s family. A dessert that holds importance in the Geertsen family is Strawberry Chiffon pie. This pie has been in the family for several generations. Get to know the story behind the pie that inspired our ruby chocolate bar, Strawberry Chiffon Beloved Bar: 

 Strawberry Chiffon Pie

This pie has been a staple at family holiday meals since forever, always made with lots of love by Grandma Fox, Tyler’s grandma. Grandma Fox was an avid Utah Jazz fan, a fantastic cook, and a lover of her family’s genealogy and Strawberry Chiffon pie. Grandma Fox made this pie for family and friends for many holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. One taste of this creamy, fruity mixture and we’re right back at Grandma’s house, seated at the kids’ table. 

One of Tyler’s sister’s, Melanie, remembers having Strawberry Chiffon pie several times at Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. Grandma Fox made at least 3 of those pies every Thanksgiving. It was something the Geertsen family all looked forward to every year. Many of Grandma Fox’s grandkids have reiterated that Grandma’s pie is hard to replicate because it is very difficult to set correctly. 

Grandma’s pies were always perfectly set every time! She created moments of magic for family and friends by baking and serving this precious pie. There was nothing like Grandma’s love for her family, friends, and sweet treats. In honor of Strawberry Chiffon pie, Tyler created the ruby chocolate bar, Strawberry Chiffon Beloved Bar so that everyone can get a taste of the magic of this family-favorite dessert.

Strawberry Chiffon Ruby Chocolate Bar

Our Strawberry Chiffon Beloved Bar is made with the highest quality ingredients such as:

  • handmade graham cracker crumbles
  • strawberries
  • gourmet ruby chocolate 

Artisan Chocolate Bars - Beloved Bars - Strawberry Chiffon - Ticket Chocolate

For those of you who haven’t heard of or tasted ruby chocolate, it is made like any other chocolate and boasts hints of berry-like flavors. It was developed in 2017 by a Belgian-Swiss cocoa company called Barry Callebaut. Ruby chocolate is found in locations like Brazil, Ecuador, and the Ivory Coast. 

The ruby chocolate compliments the strawberries and graham cracker crumbles nicely to create a delicious gourmet ruby chocolate bar. Order Grandma Fox’s tribute to this artisan chocolate bar on our website today! If you’re up to the challenge to make a Strawberry Chiffon pie that was as perfect as Grandma’s, here is the recipe: 

Strawberry Chiffon Pie Recipe



3 egg yolks

3 egg whites

1⁄2 c sugar

1⁄2 c sugar

1 pkg. frozen strawberries 

1 pkg. strawberry Jello

1⁄4 cup hot water

1⁄2 cup whipping cream

1⁄2 t Cream of Tartar 

Whole strawberries


Cook strawberries, sugar and egg yolks together to a custard consistency. Dissolve Jello in 1/4 cup hot water and add to the custard mixture. Let cool until set. Beat egg whites with 1⁄2 t. Cream of Tartar until stiff. Add other sugar. Whip cream and fold egg whites and cream into baked pie shell and place in refrigerator until set. Garnish with whipped cream and whole strawberries. Enjoy this family-favorite pie! Make sure to give it plenty of time to set so it is not soupy!

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