Artisan S’mores Kits

Artisan S’mores Kits

Out of the Ordinary Gourmet Smores 

Life is all about enjoying the simple moments, and few things capture that feeling quite like making s’mores. Imagine gathering with family and friends around a crackling campfire, roasting marshmallows, and sandwiching them between our handcrafted graham crackers and a piece of one of our gourmet chocolate bars. We take it to a whole new level of deliciousness!

Here are a few ways our gourmet smores kits turn this classic treat from ordinary to extraordinary:

  • Create Unforgettable Memories: Bring back the childhood nostalgia of making s’mores by gathering together with loved ones to enjoy our s’mores around a campfire, at a backyard barbecue, or during a cozy movie night at home. The joy of making and sharing our Artisan S’mores Kits is a bonding experience that can strengthen relationships and leave unforgettable memories.
  • Make Any Occasion Special: Any time is s’mores time! These tasty treats can make any occasion even more special! Whether you are looking for a sweet treat for a girls’ night or birthday party, our smores kits make any moment sweeter! 
  • Give a Thoughtful Gift: There is nothing like giving a thoughtful gift to someone you love! Gifting someone a smores kit is like giving them a box of happiness. We also offer corporate gifting bundles to show appreciation to employees. 
  • Savor Extraordinary Ingredients: We use the highest premium ingredients so that you can have an extraordinary experience when you first taste any of our confections and chocolates. When you take your first bite of one of our s’mores, you’re savoring extraordinary ingredients. They are nothing short of outstanding! 
  • Camping and Glamping Experiences: It is not a true glamping or camping trip without s’mores! Whether you are roughing it in the middle of nowhere or in a cozy glamping airstream, our smores kits make any trip memorable! Don’t miss out on enjoying these glamping treats! 

Our gourmet s’mores kits are available in the following flavors:

  • Classic (Vanilla Bean marshmallows, gourmet milk chocolate bar, gourmet graham crackers)
  • Chocolate Lover’s (Chocolate Chipetta marshmallows, gourmet dark chocolate bar, gourmet chocolate graham crackers)
  • Dulce de Leche (Caramel Swirl Marshmallow, gourmet milk chocolate bar, gourmet honey graham crackers)
  • Peppermint (Peppi-Mint marshmallows, gourmet peppermint chocolate bar, gourmet chocolate graham crackers)
    • Available only from September to February. 

Our artisan smores make any occasion special, are thoughtful gifts, and offer a taste of gourmet ingredients. So, why wait? Your life will be all the sweeter for it! Click here to browse our s’mores collection on our website!